Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

For Childrens

The curriculum at Sanskar School is discreetly formulated by an expert team of educators keeping in mind their overall development. While the curriculum adheres to the syllabus laid out by the CBSC board, it gives ample space for individual growth of each child focusing on their learning capacity and pace.

More than making academics a compulsion for the children, our teachers try to ignite the passion for the subject in their minds. We emphasize on experiential learning. We believe in nurturing eagerness to know about the subject. Academic is not a task at Sanskar School - neither for the teachers, nor for the students. It is all about a team play that involves the teacher and the students who learn in an explorative manner that is filled with activities and interaction with each other.

Every student is different from each other. Each one is good at one particular aspect and at the same time they lag behind of rest in some other aspect. However, our education system gives very less scope for such individual care as we have just one academic year to cover the entire syllabus. To meet this challenge, we hold special remedial class for students where they are individually taken care of by the teachers on subjects that they find difficult to cope up with. Other students are also encouraged to help their class mates so that they can catch up with the rest.

Coming to school is not just about attaining literacy; it is all about becoming a complete human being. We emphasize particularly on imbibing the ethos of Indian culture and tradition within our students. They are encouraged to develop interpersonal skills through group activities that help them to become good team players.


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