Various activities are organized to help children to develop their skills in languages, etiquette, creative and physical pursuits.

  • Science Lab

    Experiments are explained with intricacies kept in mind so that the concept is clearly imbibed in the young minds. Keeping this in mind, the school also has well equipped science laboratories for the students to have hands-on experiment.

  • Computer Lab

    The school has a computer lab that is well appointed with the technologically advanced computers and other peripheries along with internet access. The students are induced to the basics of operating a computer. They are also encouraged to do various computer aided projects to increase their proficiencies in the subject.

  • play Room

    The play room is designed incorporating all the factors that boost the brain development of the children. Apart from being the most bright and colorful room of the school, it has a very good collection of educative games and toys that stimulates the growth of the motor sensory organs of children.


    The school lays great emphasis on physical fitness of students and times to provide facilities for games, sports and recreational activities for all. The programs include rhythm exercise athletic, Taekwondo drills and games like Football, Cricket, Badminton, Kho- Kho etc. Inter class competitions are conducted as scheduled.

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